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 Ingate, Announcer...
HSSremote provides complete support for Ingate, Announcer, VIP tent display, Instant messaging, scoreboard export, and Real-Time ring status updates to the Web.


Let your exhibitors track the ring status for your show at using HSSremote and HorseShowsOnline.



HSSremote is optimized for use with touch screens and small inexpensive tablet devices.




 Scoreboard Output
Output class information to scoreboards:


 Circuit Points
HSS generates circuit points reports.


 Apply prizes to bills
New billing features:
bulletOptionally print class results on bills.
bulletOptionally apply prize money as a credit on bills


 Multi payment feature
Quickly record payment

for multiple entries

bulletPayment for owner entries
bulletPayment for trainer entries

See a screen shot


 Self Serve Console
A Terminal for Exhibitors
bulletExhibitors can look up and print their results
bulletOwners / trainers can view and print their invoices

See a screen shot



Horse Show Software for Professionals


HSS Horse Show Software is a computer program for managing a wide variety of horse shows.


HSS has been rigorously tested by seasoned show professionals at thousands of horse shows throughout North America.


HSS is the clear choice of show professionals looking for  the most reliable and feature rich solution for their show software requirements.


Download a fully functional trial version of HSS from our download page.  We can send you a trial version on CD if you prefer.


Please review some of the sample screens and reports.  We think you will be impressed by the rich set of features in HSS. 


View report examples in the HSS Help Manual available online


Reasons to choose HSS for your show:


Accept show entries online directly into your HSS database.


Accept credit card payments directly to your merchant account.


Fully integrated with the web to allow users to enter shows online, submit add/scratch requests, monitor the show status in real-time.


Extensive program features designed by and for show secretaries.


Fast and reliable technical support and assistance.


Regular program updates.


User requested program modifications.


HSS is certified by USEF at platinum level - the top rated certification.


Feature List:
bulletOnline Show Entry.
bulletCredit card processing.
bulletConnect to USEF database to retrieve and validate data and to submit results.
bulletConnect to the Equine Canada database to retrieve information and submit results
bulletFully supports multi user installations for busy shows with robust .Net networking support for simple network setup.
bulletDocument scanning and electronic document library.  Scan all your entry forms, class results and other show documents into the HSS electronic documents library.
bulletSupport for dressage scoring and reporting.
bulletInvoice to owner, rider or trainer.
bulletPrint judges cards.
bulletSelf serve console for exhibitors
bulletShow scheduling with the HSS ring scheduler.
bulletImport / Export scoreboard data.
bulletReport engine with unprecedented power.  Preview, print, and export reports.  Drill downs, Graphs and more.
bulletReports, reports and more reports
bulletRuns on Windows Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
bulletPublish shows to the internet - no need for a web site, HSS provides one.
bulletAdvanced check management
bulletBuilt in mail list management
bulletPost payments to multiple entries
bulletPost fees to multiple entries.
bulletAdd back money supported
bulletMultiple sales taxes supported
bulletCheck printing
bullet1099 management and printing
bulletCreate templates
bulletImport records into new shows
bulletExport reports to Adobe Acrobat PDF format
bulletExtensive on-line help manual.
bulletDouble / Triple judged shows supported
bulletUSEF results export
bulletFEI results export and integration.
bulletASHA results export.
bulletValidate / lookup data in USEF online database
bulletAHA (Arabian Horse Association) results export
bulletEC (Equine Canada) results export

There is just too much to list here.  Why not try out HSS for free and see for yourself why HSS is the leading show management program.



 HSS updates
New for Summer 2018:
bulletHSS has received USEF's highest certification - Platinum level.
bulletUpdated FEI dressage tests and Updated Equine Canada support.
bulletNew reports, new features in entry editor, show manager and more.
bulletSee the What's New page for full details.


New for Oct 2017:

bulletOrders and Products features including online product orders for feed, bedding etc.
bulletCopy entries from prior shows.
bulletTransfer balances from prior shows.
bulletMore Online Entry features added.
bulletNew email tool.
bulletSee the What's New page for full details.

New for May 2017:
bulletNew Champ Chart tool efficiently computes division champions.
bulletUSEF Non member free analyzer helps you ensure you have charged non USEF members correctly.
bulletMore Online Entry features added.
bulletSee the What's New page for full details.


New for June 2016:

bulletFEI support and integration features.
bulletMore Online Entry features added.
bulletNew HSSremote extension for showground management.

HSSremote  provides real time ring status updates, Ingate, Announcer, VIP tent and instant messaging features.

bulletSee the What's New page for full details.





New for June 2014:

bulletOnline Entry Support
bulletCredit card processing
bulletNew dressage tests.
bulletNew reports added
bulletCalifornia split prize option.
bulletEquine Canada updates.
bulletSee the What's New page for full details.




 USEF connection

See the What's New page for full details.


bulletNew fence height and Derby/Class points section codes added to meet USEF 2012 requirements.
bulletHSS now lets you query the USEF database to help validate user records at the click of a button.  Easily compare your records to the USEF database online.
bulletSubmit your results to USEF in the new USEF 2012 format.
bulletJump Order editor added to make jump order editing fast and efficient.


See the What's New page for full details.



 Publish Show to Internet
Publish your show and results to the internet!
bulletNo web site required
bulletUpload with a single button click!
bulletLet anyone on earth see your show results
bulletIt's Free!


 Ring Scheduler
Create your show schedule
bulletDrag and drop simplicity
bulletFlexible break and time settings
bulletAutomatically computes times
bulletSummary provided of each ring
bulletPrint class sheets
bulletPrint entire show schedule

See a screen shot




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