Legacy Products

Timeslice has developed numerous software applications over the last 25 years.  Many of these applications are still in use today.


  • DCOMPLY - Driver record management application used by the trucking industry.
    Tracks of driver safety record, employment history, safety awards etc. (DOS).  Substance abuse recording / reporting.
  • VCOMPLY - Vehicle safety and maintenance record application. (DOS)

Accounting and Bookkeeping:

  • Jetware - G/L, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Inventory, Canadian Payroll.  Custom modules for a variety of vertical markets. (DOS and Windows)
  • PROPMAN - Property management software (DOS)
  • BOXER - Record archive management (DOS)

Service Management

  • ServMan - Provides powerful sales contact management with service scheduling and work orders. This product is ideal for companies that sell and service industrial equipment. (Windows)

Internet Utilities

  • WebLink - Used to update current IP address of a PC that is using dynamic IP addresses so the PC can be accessed remotely.